Career Direct

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Ever struggled with some of the following questions?

  • Who am I and what should I be doing?

  • What are my gifts or talents and how does it influence my relationships / work environment / or career?

  • I am unhappy in my job and don’t know why

  • I am a scholar and don’t know what subjects to choose

  • I am a scholar leaving school and not sure what I should study as a career

  • I am a student and not sure that I’m studying the right career

The Career Direct® Guidance System can help you along the path of educational and career fulfilment. By taking this two hour walk of discovery, you will gather a valuable collection of information about yourself you can use immediately. It allows you to profile your personality, interests, skills and values and instantly generates over 20 pages of individualised reports. The fact is that people who are doing what they enjoy are more likely to succeed.

Find Direction for Your God-Given Design!

In today’s society, there are more than 30,000 jobs from which to choose; yet most people do not have a plan to find the right career. Career Direct is a complete assessment and suitable for adults and older teens.

The Career Direct® Guidance System allows you to profile your personality, interests, skills and values.

What makes one career assessment better than another?

Validation – Career Direct® has been developed over a 10 year period using research-based principles of assessment and measurement, and it consistently meets or exceeds accepted standards of reliability and validity.

Satisfied People – Career Direct® has successfully evaluated over 80,000 adults and students. Countless testimonies have shared how Career Direct® has been a turning point in their education or career.

Comprehensive – Career Direct® provides clear direction needed to help make sound educational or occupational choices by accurately analysing all four main areas that affect career choice: Interests, Skills, Personality and Values. Most other assessments only assess one or two of these areas.

Trusted Source – Crown Financial Ministries, founded by Larry Burkett and Howard Dayton and the parent organisation that created Career Direct® is an international non-profit ministry that has dedicated itself to helping people become financially free.

Unique Perspective – Career Direct® is based on biblical principles of work and stewardship of talents.


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