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NXTmove is an online business assessing tool used successfully for clients of various sizes and profiles. NXTmove offers access to real-time, systematised, objective intelligence with unparalleled capability: the future of consulting.

Based on future business principles and an artificial intelligence framework, NXTmove will empower you to:

· assess your business within one day;

· adopt stronger thinking towards future business;

· engage in extreme learning;

· create project roadmaps to take your business to the NXT level;

· interact with the intelligence in real-time; and

· compare your business against global best practice.


What makes NXTmove different?

A process that could take up to six months can now be done in four to six hours, significantly cutting down on the upfront investment time to get to know an organisation. The time of highly-skilled consultants can be used to change and develop the business, instead of assessing its functions and corporate design. Project teams can start working and deliver profitable results before the process gathers negative energy.


Who would benefit from NXTmove?

We use NXTmove to assess the organisational design of various types of businesses. Typical issues that are assessed could include:


How NXTmove works

NXTmove is a web-based tool using technologies of fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence to assess the organisational design of a business against over 60 million permutations, benchmarking it against 19 areas of

‘global best practice’.

NXTmove goes beyond the limitations of traditional statistics. Included in NXTmove are various complex domain sets. In combination with fuzzy logic sets, NXTmove can assess the organisational design in detail and gain

deep-level insight into the way the business operates and the challenges it experiences in relation to its complex domain. NXTmove can also pinpoint key ways in which the business can move forward and make the appropriate recommendations in all areas of the business – in particular the weakest areas.

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 August 2010 13:16